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Yancheng Gaoyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. now specializes in the production, technological development and research and trade of chemical machineries and equipments, and fine chemicals. Moreover, we are an import and export company and agency of commodities and technologies; we are also a trader of steel, water, health and electrical materials.

Sticking to such spirit of "Be frank, diligent, improving and progressing", we take "quality is life, service is soul" as our business idea. Focused on customers’ demands, we are working hard to improve quality and protect consumers’ benefits. Laying stresses on honest business and mutual benefits with our business partners, we are strive to make a well-operated market management system and quality control system, and establish  customer-satisfaction-management system based on network, data, information, all-procedure and details. Led by technologies, we keep eyes on the development of global chemical industry and pay many attentions on R&D; we are striving to develop and research market-oriented hi-tech fine chemical products and technologies.

Keeping pace with time and daring to make innovations, we are always working on the production of extraordinary quality and establishment of a perfect corporate image. We aim to offer customers the first-class products and excellent service, meet personalized requirements of users, build diversified environment and create a colorful business life!

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